A Book Lover's Journey Into the Book World

Hello everyone, my name is James and I’m new to the White Rabbit family. Like many of you, I have a passion for books! There’s just something about them that has eased its way into my heart. The funny thing is, I didn’t grow up reading books and nobody read them to me when I was little. Yeah, I read what I had to in school, but it wasn’t with much passion or interest.

The first book I actually read was “Double Your Brain Power” by: Jean Marie Stine when I was 19 years old. I absorbed it like a sponge and for the first time ever, I saw the value that can be found in a book. Ever since then, my appreciation for them had changed. I was drawn to different books at different times in my life. In some cases, I was guided to them, as if some unseen force knew what I was looking for and led me right to it, literally. That’s how it’s worked for me most of the time. Other times, a book would catch my eye on the shelf, begging me to pick it up and hold it in my hands, flip through its pages and connect with its energy. It’s in those awesome moments where you find something that speaks directly to you that’s totally relevant to where you are in your life.

Books were written by people. People that have been through many things and unique experiences in their lives. Whether it was in the 12th century, 100 years ago, or today. You have a piece of them, a piece of their heart and soul in your hands… as if being able to go back in time and listen to them, as if they were sharing these things with you directly. Nothing else can do that quite like a book. And when you own the book, you have it to re-experience over and over again, forever. A piece that can also be handed down to your children and their children’s children.

There’s nothing like holding a book, feeling the texture of the cover, admiring the craftsmanship, designs & engravings, the artwork within, the smell of its pages… it’s like a living being. It has its own energy and personality. That’s what makes them so cool because they are as unique as each individual and there’s something out there for everyone, including you.

I love talking about books, it’s my passion. They will always have a place in my heart and in this digital age, it’s a medium I hope to see last throughout our lifetimes as it has for centuries. Stay tuned for future posts here and your comments and thoughts are most welcome.

What was your first, most memorable experience with a book? How would you share the value of that experience with your children or grandchildren?


  • Welcome aboard James! So glad you started this blog. 😁 I first began to understand the importance of books, probably around 2nd grade . ( I’m well into my 60’s) 😉 Text books fascinated me. All that information in one place! It was amazing. In a world now where you can just talk to your phone and get information, how wonderful to connect with another who appreciates the wonder of a book. Its texture, its text, its history and story. I hope we never lose them. Thank you for keeping their magic alive. Kudos to you!

  • Hi!
    I too have always been a voracious reader, and I LOVE that you asked that! My first and most memorable book was at 7 or 8 years old: “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” I LOVED it! I think because it gave me permission to FEEL…And that some days are like that; not so good…“Even in Australia!” (Those blog-readers who’ve read this book know what I’m talking about LOL.)
    I read it to each of my children when they were about the age I was when I first read it, and they loved it too!
    My 2nd book was the Amelia Bedilia series, also at 7 or 8 years old. They CRACKED me up, because Amelia would take things literally rather than what was considered the social norm of doing things! (Like if her boss asked her to “draw the drapes”, she’d literally draw on the curtains! :-D)…She looked at life with a different perspective than most, and I always did too, so in a comical way, I could relate! (I read this to my girls too, and they always laughed at Amelia’s antics as well!)
    Thank you for opening up this fun and thought-provoking conversation topic!


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